We are finally back in person!  This year's Giving First Give-a-thon will be both online and in-person on November 13, 2023.  Join other families to put our kids FIRST by sharing your stories, fundraising and simply enjoying being around others who "get it".  

Like in 2019, we will welcome cancer families to our offices at The Cure Starts Now in Cincinnati, Ohio and gather for our 8 hour Facebook Live Giving First Give-a-thon.  It is an experience like no other and you can be a part of an amazing family while raising over $500,000 in 1 day for pediatric brain cancer research!  Be a part of this inspiring and heartwarming day!

See a recap of our 2019 in-person Giving First Give-a-thon at https://youtu.be/whTUB-H-xzI?si=qoLuJhwP1KylExsl

Can my siblings or other family members come? Absolutely, we love having warriors, siblings and any member of your family to join us.

I can't be there the whole time, is that ok?   Absolutely.  You are welcome to come and go as you please.

Will there be a shuttle?   Yes, we will provide a shuttle from the hotel to our offices and back. We will also try to shuttle people from the airport to the hotel.

What is the closest airport?   CVG

I am nervous about talking on camera.   Heidi Varns and Brooke Desserich make you feel very at ease and help you tell your story. Please don't be nervous, you will do great! If you are still unsure, you can still just come out and fundraise with the other families.  

Will food be provided?  Yes, we have wonderful sponsors providing energy boosting snacks and meals throughout the event.  

I have other questions. We are happy to answer them. Contact us at [email protected] 


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