Amy’s has created the MK Special in honor of Mary Katherine Keller, who, at the age of 4, died of an aggressive and incurable brain cancer called DIPG. Mary Katherine’s love of Amy’s Ice Cream, especially Belgian chocolate with crushed M&M’s, inspired this creation. Near the end of her life, when she wasn’t able to eat much else, she could still eat ice cream. Her parents took her to Amy’s every day for what they affectionately referred to as the MK Special. All customers (whether they order an MK Special or not) will have the opportunity to donate to The Cure Starts Now to help fund research to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer.

Mary Katherine was a whirlwind of creativity, independence, love and light.  She adored her family and friends and enjoyed playing outside, singing, dancing, her dogs and cats, taking care of her baby dolls, playing in her kitchen, Disney movies and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood.  She was the perfect addition to our family and was the youngest of our four children and the youngest cousin.

Make a donation in honor of Mary Katherine today!





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